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We will be looking at a super interesting conversation with Ella Woodward who is a British food writer and entrepreneur under the brand Deliciously Ella.

September 2021: Mental Health

This month will be all about mental health. I'm invite you to watch this interesting TedTalk featuring Dan Berstein the founder of MH Mediate.

August 2021: Food

This month we will be watching a video together where Darren McGrady makes prince Philip's favourite meal... a salmon coulibiac. FYI (for your information) Darren was the personal chef to the royal family for many years.

July 2021: Travel

This month's topic is travel. We will be talking to a traveller called Ross, his affirmation is to play the bagpipe in every country the world. Click start to begin now.

June 2021: Hospitality

This month, we will be learning about hospitality. This course will be based on a conversation between me and Tamás who works as a hotel manager in the UK.

May 2021: NHS

This course will be all about the National Health Service in the UK. We will get to meet my good friend Grace, who is currently training to be a paramedic.
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