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I’m Carys Cooke, the founder of English Arts Academy and I want to let you know that even if you feel lost, frustrated, or perhaps embarrassed about your English Language skills… THERE IS HOPE!

So many English Language learners tell me that no matter how much they try, they don’t feel confident when they speak English. And that they have to accept the feelings of shame, embarrassment and frustration which comes with not speaking English fluently.

But I believe that ANY English language learner can be a confident, fluent speaker, no matter how bad their English is now.

From students frustrated with their career and too scared to apply for better paid English speaking jobs, to those not confident enough to travel abroad on their own - I’ve helped a wide range of English language learners transform themselves and their lives for the better.

In fact over the last few years I’ve coached 100’s of learners to become confident, fluent and outgoing English Language speakers.

I’m so confident that my unique and proven methods will work for you - that I’m starting a no-commitment pay-as-you-go membership programme called THINK ENGLISH ACADEMY.

What Problem Can I Fix?


Turn stress-filled English speaking situations into fun and enjoyable experiences.
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Put an end to English language boredom and start to love expressing yourself in your new language.

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Stop fighting on your own with English. Make friends and start communicating with other English speakers every  single day.


Finally feel confident about being understood in English with world class British English pronunciation coaching.
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Save time and money by getting feedback from an experienced native speaking teacher (Me!) without paying a fortune.

What You Will Get?

What's Included?

How The Programme Works?

Conversation and Fluency Acceleration

  • You watch and listen to Carys in conversation with a special guest.

  • Then we do a secondary listening review with PDF transcripts.

  • We have extensive live speaking and fluency practise with new, exciting, and interesting topics.

  • Then a Facebook lesson and live conversation with Carys.